Who we are

Discover Image Products changes the traditional way of globally distributing imaging products, to significantly reduce the prices to our customers.

Our global organization is structured without the typical "empire costs" that burdens some of our competitors.

Uniquely, we are a consortium of high quality product vendors, industry veterans and technical experts  that have recognized that the "old" way is simply not sustainable long term.

The whole supply chain has too many companies with too much built in costs with not enough margin to go round and satisfy everyone involved.

The inevitable conclusion is, Remanufacturers are under great margin pressure, Distributors are disappearing from the market place and Vendors are going out of business.

It’s time for Change.

What we do

At Discover Imaging Products we have redefined the imaging supplies distribution channel. In fact we have turned it on its head, removing all the un-necessary add-on costs that exist throughout the traditional supply chain, that always become part of the product cost that is passed on in the selling price.

By removing the "empire costs" we can reduce the selling prices.

It’s an Amazon.com mentality brought to the imaging supplies channel, it’s unique-never been done before and it’s a win-win for our vendor equity partners as well as for our customers.


How do we do it

At Discover Imaging Products we understand the reasons why remanufacturers need lower pricing, particularly those servicing the retail channel with remanufactured products but are under enormous price pressure from Retailers who have large volumes and big demands.

We have structured our global organization without the usual "empire costs" so we do not have to pass on the un-necessary costs to our customers.  We do not want to build an empire, just supply the right products to you at the lowest possible price.

By building a bridge between our vendor partner and our customer we can all work together to deliver the products at lower prices without sacrificing quality.

Why we do it

As vendors go out of business this industry will feel the effects of less product choice and less price competition.  If remanufacturers go out of business the industry will fail to gain its rightful market share as the market expands. Today, Vendors are going out of business, Distributors are disappearing from the market place and Remanufacturers find themselves under enormous price pressure with no end in sight.  We want our customers to prosper for the long term. We want our vendor partners to invest and develop new products and get a good return on their investment so they are committed to this industry. We want to deliver our products to our customers at the lowest possible price to make them more competitive and profitable.

Steve Weedon
Discover Imaging Products Ltd.